Strategy analysis of 2004 U.S. President elections on immaterialized world
(20041104 first appearance, 1105 correction 1115 correction)

This plan is a trial which converts the power of the media CM
in this U.S. President game into air power, and visualizes it by
the technique which was shown by "The Dynamics And The Strategy
in the Immaterialized world
"(written by Shin-ichiro Naganuma, 1997).

By "The Dynamics And The Strategy in the Immaterialized world",
the power of the media in economic war is visualized as air power,
and the numeral conversion is carried out concretely based on correspondance
of quantity of energy and money of value.

And according to it, numerical conversion are carried out as follows:

For example,"The power of broadcasting of one 15-second CM in commercial
broadcasting is equal to the power of 2kg of aviation bombs."

And especially in the case of a President game, it is remarkable that
the power of CM resembles the bomb. Both camps are making a lot of
negative campaigns CM come down from the sky and if do not compete for
the amount of bombs to weaken a partner candidate, it will lose.

This is the completely same composition that many close support
airplanes attack from the the sky of the ground army which confronts
each other for weakening the power of ground army of enemy.

Fig.1 The image of strategy on Immaterialized world

By reason which was explained above, We carry out a trial which computes
whether activity of media is equivalent to how many airplanes and to a what
t bomb and having moved the situation of war.

Probably this is the first trial in the world in respect of the influence
of the media in an actual President game is visualized as
"Immaterialized air power".

The standard of fundamental conversion is the following.

Advertisement budget 490 million circle is equivalent to 1t of dropped bombs.

The amount of bomb loading per set is estimated at 1.5 and by deviding it ,
the total number of sets is converted.

Fig.2 Reference image

(11/15 addition) Based on the data of the following, when CM fund of both
parties is converted into a jet aircraft, it is as follows.

conversion formula:

Republican Party: 32 billion yen 490 million yen/t 1.5 t/set =43.5 set
Democratic Party: 29 billion yen 490 million yen/t 1.5 t/set =39.5 set

Fig. 3 Conversion result of CM strategy of both camps